Plagiary is an activity to copy or use what other people has written or done then they use it as theirs. Plagiary is happened not only by copying an article, news, task, research, book, but also blog or someone site’s. In the past, people who was found something, they gave it a names. The function is to make us easier and familiar with those things. They usually give it with their names or whatever, for example, Allexander Grahambell who was found telephone. He gave telephone as he wanted, because he a person who was found it. Accordingly, people give a copyright for their belongings, especially theirs own written.

            The problem of people’s belonging is plagiary, because it destroy our belief. They who are plagiarism is lying to the other people about they have. Whereas, they realize that something what they have done, maybe, they don’t think the consequence about that.

            People who did plagiarism is doesn’t have capability about something such as writing, using, producting, etc. They are shy with they have. They are just some looser who don’t want called a looser. They are cheating, lying, stoling a things.

            In education, plagiarism have hard sanction, they’ll get dropping out from college or getting E score. Today, plagiary is a bad habbit which many people is still doing it. Indonesia will not develop with human resources like that. Lazy people have never got what they want.

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