Plagiary is an activity to copy or use what other people has written or done then they use it as theirs. Plagiary is happened not only by copying an article, news, task, research, book, but also blog or someone site’s. In the past, people who was found something, they gave it a names. The function is to make us easier and familiar with those things. They usually give it with their names or whatever, for example, Allexander Grahambell who was found telephone. He gave telephone as he wanted, because he a person who was found it. Accordingly, people give a copyright for their belongings, especially theirs own written.

            The problem of people’s belonging is plagiary, because it destroy our belief. They who are plagiarism is lying to the other people about they have. Whereas, they realize that something what they have done, maybe, they don’t think the consequence about that.

            People who did plagiarism is doesn’t have capability about something such as writing, using, producting, etc. They are shy with they have. They are just some looser who don’t want called a looser. They are cheating, lying, stoling a things.

            In education, plagiarism have hard sanction, they’ll get dropping out from college or getting E score. Today, plagiary is a bad habbit which many people is still doing it. Indonesia will not develop with human resources like that. Lazy people have never got what they want.

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Suicide is happen when somebody try to kill him/herself for ending their life. Somebody who try to end their life confess that her life’s is uncertain. And in that time, in her mind is suicide. “Can be told, suicide is an emergency exit which is can i take anytime” said her who ever took 15 tablet influenza and drunk exterminate insecta. Everybody knows that suicide actions is forbid by religion. And it consider as a loser actions which is horrible. Beside this action, directly it born to be the most caused of the died. According to World Health Organization [WHO] about Indonesia, they’re arround 15-35 years old is anxious this action. Different with girls, men of course is reported doing suicide. Because they usually use hard method such as using gun or hanging himself. But in the others side, girl is more often noted doing suicide effort than men. For example they’re using toxic or take drugs more than doses.

They wouldn’t do suicide action without reason. They must have reason  for ending their life. One of their reason is depression. According to WHO, it has incrase suicide actions as big as 60 % in the world in 1950 & 1995. The caused is depresion. Don’t too fast to judge something that girl who is depression had imagination to end their life, is not have healty mind. Exactly, many cases’ve tried suicide is done by smart person. However, they’re broken off caused they have too much hope with theirself. The important things, in the midle of critical condition, they’re regret, sad, depression, or broken off. But they don’t have spritual illness. The truth is their emotional side is distrub.

The signs when somebody try to kill him/herself?. They try to kill theirself when they’re missing something interested which can make them happy, broken off and always tired with they’ve done, long sadness happen in their life, less or too much eating, feeling that they’re not value and can’t thougth purify. Suggestion from psychiatrist for you in order to make you wary. Especially, if someone start to write dying exhortation, divide their property, or say thank you cause all your goodness. See the drastic change fron sadness to be calmness which could be caused by  peace feeling that all sufering is over soon.

The solution is dare in yourself. The key is if you can control youself. Beside it, you can go to the psychiatrist. Maybe you can be calm after you’ve told something to the psychiatrist, or psychiatrist would try to solve your problem? So don’t ever try to kill yourself, cause is not the solution.

Suicide fact, you’ll never thing that someone who will kill him/herself won’t to do it. Exactly, this is the sign you have to know for preventing suicide.

 If a friend says “i want to die”, don’t panic or just laugh. So u can do it :

  •  Face every threatment seriously. Far all facilities to do it, for example pil, tablet, toxic,etc. And if it happen, go to the hospital. The dangerous time is in the weekend, where 40 % suicide actions is often happen.
  • If do you feel your friend trying to do suicide, talk with him/her direcly.
  • Listen your friend whis is broken off without judge anything, criticism, or gripe. Cause they don’t need it.
  • Says them that feel depression can miss if they do therapy. Make they certain that is not lie.
  • Don’t save this fact alone. Cause tell something to someone who you believe or the psychiatrist maybe they can be calm or solve their problem.
  • Don’t feel responsibility for make it cure. It just make you frustated.


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